Daddy Hew EST 2014.

Daddy Hew Blog EST November 2017.

Working full time whilst helping run a house. I don’t particularly care for sport…..at all. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a bit of F1 or watching Wimbledon but that’s pretty much as far as it goes. I was the fat kid whose Dad forced him to play football as a small child. FFS I was also the fat kid who wore jogging bottoms under their football shorts so I didn’t get cold 🙈

Proud Father to three year old Gracie Kay, who won’t be forced to play any football! Cutest little thing there ever was. Often referred to as Piglet or Dolly. Fully time Nursery since 13 months. She loves it. Seams to have a flare for drama/acting/overreacting, plays in an American accent.

Baby Hew No2 due to arrive June 2018

Husband of five happy years to Mummy, also working full time and running a house. She likes to bake, I like cake, what more could I ask for? 🍰 🍪 Often referred to as Mummy Pig or Soddie.

I have been saying for sometime that I need to get with the times and start a blog of all things Daddy Hew, so here it is….

Feedback welcome, be kind though!