There are a number of things that I am passionate about and flexible working is one of them. You may recall from my my blog Flexible Dad that I recently had a flexible working application agreed. I finish work at 12:30 on Wednesdays to allow me to pick Gracie up from nursery. I have been working my […]

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Final pregnancy update

The NHS can be a beautiful thing, but it can also be a right pain in the arse. For example, we got back from Spain on Saturday and I developed a nasty ear infection. I couldn’t get an appointment with the GP so I called 111 to see the out of hours GP. I called […]

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When does your holiday truly start?

I ran a training session a few weeks ago. We discussed how everyone copes with stress differently and what things cause stress. We talked about coping strategies and how we can avoid our stressors. We talked about holidays and how everyone’s view differed on their favourite holiday destination. I posed the question ‘when does your […]

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Birth Options

We had another midwife appointment last week. Another visit to talk about Mummy Hew’s choices. When we had our first midwife appointment at around 8 weeks we were told that as this is our second child we will have a significantly less number of appointments. We were then told that we will be under consultant […]

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The Real Daddy Hew

You may have seen my earlier blog post Getting to know the real Mummy Hew, if you haven’t go and have a read. It’s a good view of things from her perspective. I thought this would be a good time to get to know the real Daddy Hew….this post is perhaps not what you think […]

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Getting to know the real Mummy Hew

Today we attended another midwife appointment, marking week 28 of this pregnancy. I’ve documented our pregnancy journey and highlighted some of the frustrations we’ve had along the way. Think its fair to say we are now in a good place and have started to plan our birth options class. I thought, rather than me rambling […]

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6 months in

Where has the time gone…we are 2/3 of the way through our pregnancy journey. It’s flown by. 6 months have passed…that’s a long time isn’t it, yet it feels like just yesterday I was sharing the news that Im going to be a dad….again.We have been on an incredible journey so far and we have some […]

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Flexible Dad

As I think I’ve highlighted before, I’m quite passionate about the upbringing of Gracie and Baby Hew No2. Mummy Hew and I are a team and we work bloody well together, I’m no Hands on Dad. When Gracie was born I was very fortunate to be able to take nearly six weeks off work, fully […]

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Potty training

We were so lucky with Gracie when it came to potty training…but we’ve come to a bit of a dead end. She still wears her nappy at night time. And it’s piss soaked every morning. Most of the time it’s because she is too lazy when she is falling asleep/waking up and just relys on […]

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Whale….what Whale.

Just like in the well known nursery rhyme, when Gracie is good she is very very good – but when Gracie is bad she is an arsehole horrid. I definitely meant horrid *** I’m sure we have all been guilty of it, you know exactly what I mean. When your child has pushed you to […]

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