23 week VBAC Class

  I have touched on Mummy Hew’s labour with Gracie previously but never really told the full story…..today isn’t the day either. I will write a post about Mummy Hew’s labour and Gracie’s birth, I’m thinking I will do a ‘Now vs Then’ type post and document the differences between the two labours…but we’ll see. There’s […]

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Hands on Dad

I’ve always been what they call a ‘hands on Dad’. From changing Gracie’s first nappy to getting up for the night feeds. Changing her sicky baby grow to changing her bedding when her nappies leaked. As Mummy Hew had to have an emergancy C-Section she wasnt able to pick Gracie up out of her crib, […]

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Woahhhh, we’re half way there

In the words of Bon Jovi ‘Woahhhh we’re half way there, Woahhhhh not even scared’. Well they weren’t his exact words but you get the point right? So half way there, ish. I’m slightly late updating on the half way there front. Mummy Hew is 21 weeks, I did intend to update at week 20 […]

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Versatile Bloggers Award

I opened the Daddy Hew Instagram account on 16 November 2017, I started the Daddy Hew blog at the end of November 2017 and I opened the Daddy Hew twitter account a few weeks ago. I’m still new to the blogging world, but so far so good, the playground has been kind to me, I […]

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CBeebies land

Mummy Hew and I talked at length about whether we wanted to expand the Hew Family. We looked at the pros and cons of having an only child and whether that was something we wanted. We decided that we wanted to extend the Hew Family but that there were a few things that we wanted […]

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To Icelolly or not to Icelolly

  Gracie has been in Nursery full time since she was 13 months old, with the exception of Friday afternoon when Mummy Hew picks her up at lunch time. We thought long and hard about what to do prior to sending Gracie to Nursery. We both work full time, we have both worked for the […]

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Amazon Fire Kids Edition

Like most kids, Gracie received loads of presents for Christmas. She was a very lucky girl indeed. She has a few choice favourites, her bike, her wooden train track and her bush babies particularly stood out for her. For me it was her Amazon Fire Kids Edition. We cannot get enough of it. In the […]

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